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How often and for how long should I wear it?

As often as you can. We recommend every day. Start with at least two hours and increase or decrease the wear time based on how your body feels.

How do I know when to change clasps?

No earlier than three weeks, please. Give your body enough time to develop muscle memory.

If I start from the latest levels will my posture change quickly?

Our habits take at least three weeks to develop. We suggest you follow instructions and wear each adjustment for at least three weeks, increasing the wear time based on how your body feels.

Can I wear it under my clothes?

You can wear it any way you want.

I have scoliosis. Will the Etalon posture top help me cure it?

Though our posture top has potential to help you, we recommend you consult with your doctor. Scoliosis is a serious condition, and each case should be reviewed individually.

Is Etalon posture bra breastfeeding-friendly?

The current bra design has a zipper in front with somewhat easy breast access. However, we must also consider other breastfeeding aspects, such as milk leakages. Please let us know what else you want to see in a nursing bra design!

Can put on and adjust without help?

Absolutely! You will need to adjust every three weeks; this is something you can do yourself before putting it on.