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Why should I care about having good posture?

You would be surprised by how many areas of our wellbeing can be compromised by poor posture. After you start wearing your posture bra, we believe you will begin to:. - Look better. - Move better. - Increase the quality of your life. Our bold stateme

Who should wear the Etalon® posture bra?

Women of all ages, including office workers hunched over their computers, nursing mothers slouched over their babies, and anyone feeling an increased rounding in their backs.

How does the Etalon® bra work?

The Etalon® bra promotes a healthier posture by gently drawing your shoulder blades together without constraining your movements. It gently trains your spinal and shoulder muscle memory to keep an upright position.

How long will it take to notice the results?

Some women report the feeling of “uprightness” and “openness” right away. The adaptation usually takes about a week. New postural habits form within three weeks. Even after that period, we recommend that you wear your posture bra daily to stabilize a

Can I wear my Etalon® bra every day?

Yes! Your Etalon® bra is designed for daily wear, during any activity. It won’t restrict your movements but will make them safer while promoting a healthier posture.